Helping Your Business Into a New Market With Efficiency and at Low Cost


Thinking about cutting your cost while developing your own brand? Consider outsourcing and OEM! China has various mature and complete production networks, which guarantee high quality products. At the same time, labor cost in China is much less than that of North America's, which could significantly reduce costs for NA enterprises. At STC, we will be able to connect you with some of the leading manufactures in different industries in China, so that you can you can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.


Marketing and advertising has always been a critical element for business. The first step is to identify a profitable market and develop a feasible market plan for it. Then your products should appear on different platforms to be effectively presented to potential customers. At STC, we will design customized marketing plan for you, each plan is executed differently on various platforms depend on your needs and actual situations. We will ensure increase of purchases and impressive result of ROI.